The purpose of taking a photo is to capture a moment. That moment is filled with different emotions and feelings. You’ve heard many people say, “Man, I wish I would have taken more pictures,” and you begin to wonder if you are taking enough yourself. The answer will always be no. And that’s okay. Sometimes it’s best to be present and live in the moment. Fortunately for you, my job is to capture those moments for your family.

As for myself and other professional photographers, we work to make sure those moments are as authentic as possible. Meaning, I personally work with my clients to keep them relaxed, natural and not so stiff for a picture. Whether you want new family photos to hang in your home, post on social media, or send to the grandparents, here are some photos every family needs.

1. Standing

This is a classic family pose. Rather than having families stand side by side, I work to bring a little more personality into the photo. Put your arms around each other. Have your little one hug Mommy or Daddy’s leg. Have another kid stand on something tall.

2. Life Events

Big moments in life sometimes happen on the spot. Other times you get to plan for those special moments. Weddings, births, graduations, you name it! The birth of each child is one of the most blissful days for parents. I’m sure everyone is very familiar with going over the top for the first born and relaxing a little with the second and third and so on.

3. Point of View

I love going for those shots that come from a different point of view. Sometimes the focus is just on the hands, feet, smiles, and eyes. Spread out a blanket and have the kiddos lay down and smile at each other. At this point, I try to capture shots from several different angles. That way the photos appear to be coming from a parents’ perspective looking down at them or from each of the kids.

4. Play

You can have a lot of fun with this one. This can be taken standing together, lying on a blanket, sitting on a piece of furniture like a couch. I like to get the family or just the kids to interact by tickling, playing or whatever else makes the whole family laugh. At that moment, I start shooting as fast as my camera will go. The results from these poses are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

5. Silhouette

I personally love silhouettes because they give a little mystery to the image. A silhouette family picture is not your typical look, but it will definitely grab anyone’s attention. The light background and dark foreground makes a nice contrast. You can tell what the silhouette is doing but not exactly who they are.

6. Location

This one is based solely on where you are and the look you want to go for. Here is a list of some of my favorite places to take pictures at:

    • Beach
    • Field
    • Parks
    • Home/Front Porch
    • Farm
    • At the local icon
    • Streets
    • Piers
    • Christmas tree (seasonal)

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